Bénédicte Vanderreydt is a Belgian photographer graduated with honours from IHECS (MA II) in Brussels and then from the drama school Xavi Gratacos in Barcelona, she eventually deepened her knowledge in photography at Gobelins School in Paris.

For the past years Vanderreydt has been pondering over narration and explores fiction staging characters who belong to a sociological reality.

“Throughout her series of photographs Benedicte Vanderreydt explores different layers in the construction of female identity. From adolescence to adulthood, she shows the successive roles that women are able to embody : child, wife, mother , mistress, etc. Each of her projects meets a singular aesthetic where the place of the staging is strong, revisiting with cinematic images that will haunt the viewer for a long time. She questions and challenges the permanence of certain ancestral rites of passage in our contemporary society like the Carnival in her series ‘I never told anyone’. Social networks, family mythology and factual research are the starting point of her photographic reflection, but as a photographer she is not limited to the transcription of a reality but is constantly seeking to sublimate and interpret it. With her theatrical training her photographic work highlights the illusionistic power of masks, either on social media or those who adopt a mask at a carnival, (as the series of photographs ‘I never told anyone’ exposes). Being masked allows a character to become a silent link which is reminiscent of the paintings of Paul Delvaux.”

Héloise Conesa
Directrice du département Estampes et Photographie – BNF (Bibliothèque François Mitterrand, Paris)

Bénédicte Vanderreydt won the 2016 GRAND PRIX WINNER of Tokyo International Photography Festival Competition with her last series I Never Told Anyone and is third winner IPA for Fine Art category – 2016.

Her work has been exhibited widely with her most recent exhibitions being SINGAPORE INTERNATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY at Gillman Barracks, LAGOSPHOTO FESTIVAL in Nigeria, FOCUSLA in Los Angeles and PHOTO 17 in Zurich.

Her previous work, film and photographs, I am 14, is part of the collections of MUSÉE DE LA PHOTOGRAPHIE de Charleroi in Belgium and BNF (Bibliothèque François Mitterrand) in Paris.
I am 14 installation was selected in SALON D’ART CONTEMPORAIN DE MONTROUGE for the 60th anniversary and has been internationally featured and exhibited.