15 photographs and One film – Ongoing exhibition at Photography Center Nykyaika, Finland

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Over the last 40 years, science has progressively conquered the realm of reproduction. In an increasingly de-materialised world, I question the close relationship between human beings and science and the mark of these new technologies on women’s minds and bodies. My approach is to explore the female body, the only body to materialise life on earth. In this quest for a child, I wonder about our belonging. What about the moon? Our cycles? Our female subconscious?

Mater Semper (Certa) Est is a mixed media exploration through photographs and a film installation. This project echoes my last two series: I Never Told Anyone and Les Ulysses. I explore the different levels of construction of the female identity from adolescence to adulthood and I envision the successive roles that women are able to embody: child, wife, mistress, mother….


Images and film directed by Benedict Vanderreydt
Cinematographer & editing: Laura Delle Piane
Camera assistant and calibration: Asia Abbatangelo
Sound editor: Valerie Le Docte
Assistant Photography: Cécile Loa
Retoucher: Cécile Loa

OUR TERRITORY, 2020, 8 min. 53

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