15 photographs and One film – Ongoing exhibition at Photography Center Nykyaika, Finland

Please contact the gallery or the artist to see the whole work.

For the past 50 years, science has progressively colonized the realm of procreation. Yet, nature has never been so sacralized. I am interested in how science yearning towards omnipotence had an impact on women’s body and mind. In this child conquest, I am wondering about the glorification of the will at the expense of the body and its life experience. What about the moon? Our cycles? Our feminine unconscious?

Mater Semper (Certa) Est is a mixed media exploration through photographs and film installation. (15 images and one film) This project echoes my last two series: I Never Told Anyone and Les Ulysses. I explore the different levels of construction of the female identity from adolescence to adulthood and I envision the successive roles that women are able to embody: child, wife, mistress, mother….


Directed & images by Bénédicte Vanderreydt